Please watch my friend and business partner Knippa

Corey Smith and Tres Knippa are managing partners of BANDONRiver capital

BandonRiver Capital 5717 Legacy Drive – suite 270 Plano TX.  Bandon River Capital is a Specialty Finance Company working with Retail Electricity Provider sand Independent Brokerage Firms in Deregulated Electricity Markets.   Bandon River believes to be an above market return on investment.

Ed Butowsky FINRA – 2016 BANDON Woodchap LLC, Addison Texas – Engaged in the business of acquiring income streams associated with commission on the sale of commercial electric contracts

Broker Check 



Herschel “Tres” Knippa who touted ForceField on Fox Business pleads guilty to conspiracy

According to Dunn and Bradstreet at one time  KINSALE CAPITAL, LLC Single Location > 15455 DALLAS PARKWAY STE 1200, ADDISON, TX  This is the same previous location of Ed Butowsky’s Chapwood.

kindle Capital

Bandon River Capitol Knippa being interviewed – 720 investor club
Top left Tres Knippa. – Bottom left Ed Butowsky

Ed Butowsky’s Friend Herschel “Tres” Knippa who touted ForceField on Fox Business pleads guilty to conspiracy

Tres Knippa explains why Ed Butowsky needs more air time on Fox News

Butowsky – Big Oil Firms a Good Bet – May 2011

Corey Smith Parter with Tres Knippa was at one time Vice President of Sales for Noble Royalties./

Note:  Noble Royalties, Inc., DBA Brown Drake Royalties 

All of Ed Butowsky’s 51 land records have some form of a relationship with Brown Drake Royalties ll, Compass Royalty Management LLC, Bonito Royalties LP & Noble Royalties

Butowsky’s 51 OK land records as of August 2011

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